The Greatest Showman Review

Wow, what a movie. I don’t like to think of myself as a dramatic person, or even someone who loves the excitement of drama, but this movie completely captured me. At more than one point I had goosebumps.

Nothing is quite so exciting as music and the magic it brings to our lives – and The Greatest Showman has plenty of great music. The music gave soul to the movie like the musicals of yesteryear, but with a modern twist. There’s something about it that made me feel like I could conquer the world!

Of course, I know I will wake up tomorrow and go back to drinking 4 cups of coffee a day while trying to keep up with my one-year-old daughter as she constantly ricochets off the walls, but you have to live in the moment!


  • Violence – Minimal
  • Alcohol use – Moderate
  • Swearing – Minimal
  • Sex scenes – No
  • Sexual innuendos – Moderate
  • Inappropriate clothing – Yes
  • Appropriate for children – Yes (Please consider your child’s unique tolerance for violence as there are some small fighting scenes, depending on your child’s age you may not find this movie suitable)
  • Humour – Minimal
  • Acting quality – Fantastic
  • Story quality – Fantastic
  • Overall entertainment – Fantastic


Set in the early 1800s this movie tells the story of P.T Barnum (Hugh Jackman) the first man to produce a circus act. As a young man from a poor family, he falls in love with a pretty, rich girl, Charity (Michelle Williams) and dreams of the world he could make with her.

Eventually they marry without the approval of her father and go on to live their lives as normal people, until the company Barnum works for goes bankrupt. He choses to take a risk and begin his dreams with the goal of giving Charity the life she deserves. Through many trials he loses sight of that goal and strives to rise above his distasteful upbringing and become recognised in high society.

Please note there may be spoilers ahead.

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