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The Alchemists Bane Cover

It was alive. The entire city was alive. And the Alchemist Guild Elana worked for had killed it all.

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After two years of slaving in secret under lock and key, Elana Koskova finishes the extract that will change the world. But she doesn’t care. All she wants is to be back in the arms of her family. However, when Elana’s supervisor betrays her, her dreams of freedom are shattered.

Instead of going home, Elana is ordered to test the extract on uzhas, a gas that turns to metal when shaped by Alchemist sculptors. Elana discovers that the gas is alive, and her extract is the key to a powerful bond between humans and uzhas.

When the Guild finds out, they send a sadistic warrior who thrives on torment to retrieve the extract. His orders are simple: Take the extract, and kill Elana.

While locked in a desperate fight for her life, Elana is forced to choose between seeing her family again, and saving the uzhas…

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