The Team

Ancel Haegler

Founder and award-winning pusher* Ancel Haegler began Mark IV Multimedia with a simple goal: to help people.

No matter where life finds this big, bald German, it always finds him helping others. Or trying to sleep. Or working on animations.

Ancel has always loved to entertain. In his younger years, this took the form of acting. However, as he aged (and his hair thinned out) the call of animation grew stronger.

“I can show you the world,” it said.

“Okay,” Ancel said, and he has been animating ever since. To him, animation is a way to provoke thought and contemplation in people. It's also a way to tell a great story.

*Someone who motivates people to do their best. But Ancel does love to give people a shove.

Dan Van Werkhoven

Co-founder and award-winning composer Dan Van Werkhoven began his journey much like everyone else did: by being born. But that bit is really messy and you probably don’t want to read about it, so we’ll skip forwards a few years.

When Dan could pronounce “Lego” he began creating worlds and stories. Often times, those stories were about how awesome his Lego minifig was compared to his younger brother’s, but they were nevertheless stories.

As soon as Dan could read, he was absorbing every fantasy book he could get his hands on, with favourites such as Narnia and The Hobbit. By his teen years, he was tackling Frank Herbert, Raymond E. Feist, Peter F. Hamilton, and more. Now he loves nothing more than to sink into a Brandon Sanderson epic and lose himself for weeks.

At 16, Dan took that love of fantastical stories to a whole new level… he entered NaNoWriMo. Over the next few years, he wrote a bunch of novels (all terrible) and short stories (slightly less terrible). In 2017, Dan released Sentinel Code, the first instalment of The Dragon Striker Chronicles, Mark IV's first published story.

Ariel Van Werkhoven

Concept artist and all around creative genius Ariel Van Werkhoven started drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon.

Often her canvases included walls and floors. Eventually that was narrowed down to more traditional surfaces, like paper. Still, even today she can be found staring longingly at a blank wall, imagining the vast worlds she could create on it.

Ariel loves the entire process of making art, from researching new ideas to seeing something grow and evolve in her hands. Her overactive mind never stops churning out new ideas and problem solving current projects. If it had its way, she would never sleep.

Bethany Dixon

Chief organiser (AKA, admin assistant) Beth Dixon thrives off creating structured environments. If she can bring order to chaos, it’s a good day.

Her passion for organisation and administration was born from helping her father with his business. It was there she discovered her love for spreadsheets, invoices and filing.

Today she tackles her biggest challenge yet… keeping Ancel and Dan on track and organised.

Is there any surprise that shortly after she joined the team at Mark IV, the company released its first two products? Coincidence? I think not!

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