Nothing made Aoife happier than accompanying her father as he tended his flock in the mountain fields. But that simple joy was shattered the day Ubel arrived in town, offering the townsfolk a joy like nothing they imagined.

The cost? Their colour.

Ubel’s false joy destroys Aoife’s family. Her mother is lost in the wild and her father sits at home, distraught and hopeless. Can Aoife find the key to saving her father and bringing colour back to the town before all hope is lost forever?

In The Making


Character_ColoursIn 2012, Ancel’s imagination got a little crazy, and the idea for Colourless was born. Dan and Ancel workshopped the idea until it roughly took shape (if forced to answer, they’d say it was probably oblong).

Over the next year, Dan wrote and revised the script numerous times until he and Ancel were satisfied with the story. From there it has been a slow journey of learning the skills and gathering the people needed to produce the half-hour long musical animation.

In early 2014, Ariel Van Werkhoven joined the team as lead concept artist, and Leah Gustafson joined as an animator. The team was up to four people, but the task was still monumental.

Two years later, most of the characters were designed and rough storyboards for the first four minutes were finished. By this time, Dan had written demos for a few the songs and put together ideas for the overall sound.

When mid 2016 hit, Dan realised the story was broken in some fundamental areas. So, using knowledge of storytelling he had picked up from studying the subject earlier in the year, he took the script and began to re-craft it.

If you enjoyed the concept art and story of Colourless, click below to see even more art and read an interview with Ariel Van Werkhoven on her creative process.

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