The Commuter Review

The Commuter was an interesting movie that kept me thinking most of the way through, although it was thrilling and kept me tense. It also managed to be a bit boring.

All in all, there are some cool fight scenes and definitely some thrills, but it’s not a movie I would go watch again in the end it’s rather cliché.


  • Violence and gore – Moderate
  • Alcohol use – Minimal
  • Swearing – Minimal
  • Sex scenes – No
  • Sexual innuendos – None
  • Inappropriate clothing – No
  • Appropriate for children – No (This is an intense movie with lots of action)
  • Humorous – Minimal
  • Acting quality – Good
  • Story quality – Mediocre
  • Overall entertainment – Mediocre


In modern day America Michael MacCauley (Liam Neeson), lives a normal life with his wife and son. Each day is much like the next as he rides the train to and from work.

Until one day he is fired from his job as a health insurance agent and on his way home he has an odd encounter with a stranger on the train. The stranger offers him $25,000 to find someone on the train going by the name Prin. Once he has found them, he will receive a $75,000 reward.

Things go bad very quickly and Michael finds out this was not a simple offer. Now him and his family are in danger if he can’t locate the mystery person.

Please note there may be spoilers ahead.


I’ve always seen Liam Neeson as a warm person. Even when he is playing someone evil he still has that fatherly feel. He is a good actor, but I find that all his movies are much alike these days. Watching one is entertaining, but after the third or fourth movie, it starts to get repetitive.

Jonathan Banks is a great actor who plays a side roll as Walt, Michael’s friend whom he sits with on the train each day. I liked his character in Breaking Bad and always enjoy his straight forward, no beating ‘round the bush attitude. It was unfortunate we didn’t get to see more of Walt in this movie.

The movie started interestingly as the scene flickered between showing the endless monotony of Michael’s life and the opening credits. It was a little unusual. I enjoyed it.

After that things went downhill.

Now, I love a good thriller, but The Commuter had a truly astounding way of keeping me tense and on the edge of my seat while also a bit bored and ready for the movie to end.

It was exciting as you hear the offer Joanna (Vera Farmiga) has for Michael. Then you find out it’s not really an offer, but a threat to his family and things get really exciting!

Michael rushes around the train using his ex-police knowledge to find this mystery person. You’re still figuring out who Prin is and who wants them when the movie slows right down.

Michael was still rushing around the train, and I was still feeling pretty tense as he raced the clock to find Prin, but I was yawning at the same time.

As things progress, Michael slowly unravels the mystery. Finally, the story picks up and starts to get interesting again as the movie comes to a climax. Michael discovers who the mystery person is, and at the same time we discover a bit more about why Michael has been forcibly persuaded to find them.

There are a couple of cool action scenes as things start to unravel. I was starting to actually enjoy the movie a bit, then it comes to the climax and you find out who was really behind everything. I ended up disappointed by an ending that shows a plot not nearly as complicated as I was hoping for. 5 minutes into the movie I had decided who the bad guy would be as a joke to myself…

Sadly, I was right.

I also disliked that there was very little background to any of the characters except perhaps Michael.

In the end, I had a hundred questions about the plot and almost none of them were answered,. The answers I did get were vague, which left me looking for something more from the movie. I think there was a great idea behind the story, but the execution was lacking.

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