Month: February 2017

Behind The Art of Mark IV – Pt 2

In Part 1 we chatted to Ariel about where she got her inspiration for the characters for Colourless, today we're continuing to look at her process. And take a peak at some concepts for another Mark IV project: Sentinel Code, book one of The Alchemists' Bane. Enjoy!

[Dan] I recall that when you started drawing, way back when, most of what you did was copying cartoon characters, etc. It was a while before you started getting adventurous and creating your own art.

[Ariel] Yeah, it did take me a bit. I have a huge imagination, but actually using it is hard. Though I found the cartooning and illustration course I did really helped. Because it kind of taught you how to actually put your ideas down onto paper. Just doing all the exercises and things was really good practice.

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