3D Assets And Finished Drafts

We have two big announcements to make.

First: Mark IV now makes and sells 3D assets! Ancel Haegler and Simon Davis have been hard at work building collections of assets. Ancel finished the first pack, a set of assorted glasses, and uploaded to TurboSquid for sale. Mark IV's 3D models can be found here.  As of this post, only one asset pack is up, but many more are on their way. 

As the library grows, a catalogue will be added to our website to make it nice and easy for you to browse. For now, though, please visit us on TurboSquid

Cup Selection

Second: The third major rewrite of Sentinel Code is now finished! I was shooting for 55,000 words in this draft so I'd have some leeway when I start editing and trimming, but it clocked in at 48,680 words—shorter than I wanted. Maybe a new scene or two will appear through the editing process. We shall see!

So what's next for Sentinel Code? Well, I'll continue doing some minor edits and making sure a few plot holes are patched up while I send it to my critique partners. Once those edits are done, I'll let it sit for a month while I turn my attention to other projects, like revising Colourless's script, and writing a couple of short stories.

It's a huge relief to be done with this rewrite, and I'm looking forward to editing it... after I let my brain recharge.